Who we are…

Charter Supreme International Limited (信達) was founded in 1991.  Since the establishment of the business 33 years ago, our company has been working alongside many customers to turn their ideas into marketable and saleable items.  We are familiar and also with hands on experiences with a wide range of materials and have been creating thousands of unique merchandises.  We are the secret merchandising support behind many successful brands and projects.  This has earned us not only their trust as a vendor but also as a partner in growing the business together.   We have our own offices in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen.  Our experienced and loyal staff along with our long standing partnerships with our associated factories is the main key to our success.  Our story will only continue with them and you …….

Our Mission :

We love merchandising, we love to create, and we believe that business is a partnership.  We are passionate about creating something unique and original, no subject matter or market is beyond the scope of our coverage.  Our staff strives to provide a professional business experience and are fully devoted to protecting our client’s interest and goodwill!

Our Philosophy:

All things have possibilities. Keep the faith, then you can make it success

Our company’s Chinese name 信達 literally means faith to believe in success.  At Charter Supreme, we believe that no task is too small and no idea is too far fetched to pursue.  We cherish the values of loyalty and fairness in the traditional business way, but we are also equally creative, ready to think outside the box and flexible in our approach.